Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant and Spiritual Counselor


From a very young age, Sheri Claire showed that she possessed a unique set of gifts. Not only did she prove to be a true clairvoyant, but also she demonstrated that she had the rare ability to see and communicate with spirits. For much of her life, she hid her incredible abilities. She learned early in life, that not everyone is as open to what is an every day experience for her.

It wasn’t until her life experiences expanded that she recognized the importance of being true with her gifts. After a great deal of prayer and preparation she began to do readings. Through word of mouth, her reputation of genuine caring and tremendous accuracy spread.

Today she takes great joy in helping others find peace, hope and sometimes closure.

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A Private reading with Sheri Claire is a special experience. She uses her various gifts to guide, comfort and advise. Through clairvoyance she is able to “see” and “know”. Her mediumship abilities allow her to communicate with loved ones who have passed, reconnecting them with the people who love them. She is also able to communicate with spirit guides. Spirit guides offer great insight to the bigger picture of our lives. It is invaluable information given for our overall spiritual growth and guidance.

Whether you are having a party or simply have a group with a mutual interest in spiritual growth, Sheri Claire can provide insight, personal attention and new perspectives.

Sheri Claire enjoys teaching with a personal touch, as much as she enjoys helping others through readings. Classes are available upon request for small and large groups. She also offers classes periodically on various topics such as psychic development, spirit communication, meditation and practicing forgiveness.

There are various options available to suit your needs. To schedule a group event or book Sheri Claire as a speaker for your event, please call 614.219.9233. Sheri is located in Columbus, Ohio and is renown for her psychic gifts and talents as a medium.