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I have had a number of psychics read me and I can honestly say that Sheri Claire is the most psychic individual I have ever encountered.  Her accuracy is astounding, she pulled out details in my reading, incidents and people in my past that nobody could ever know.  She speaks directly with your spirit guides and passed relatives.  I went home after the reading and cried like a baby. She doesn’t just read people, it’s almost a form of spiritual healing.  Her readings are higher readings, don’t expect parlor tricks or hocus pocus.  This woman absolutely can and does communicate with the dead and speaks with spirit guides and higher beings..in this I have no doubt.  I have seen her in action.  She has changed the way I think.  Sheri is for REAL.
Deanna B., Columbus OH

I just read over the other testimonials and I can so concur with everything that has been said about Sheri.  She is a very warm person whose energy put me at ease instantly and there was a strong connection right away.  Her description of family members who have passed over was not only extremely accurate but the information allowed me to move on with aspects of my relationships with them that had kept me somewhat “stuck”.  She also gave me information that made so much sense and answered questions that I’d had for years…some things that by themselves didn’t have meaning and yet I knew they did.  I have seen Sheri three times now and have another appointment soon. Her insight and her ability to connect with the spirit world has given me direction and helped me find my purpose.  I feel like I am at peace with so many things now and am headed in the direction I am supposed to go.  I am a counselor by profession and have also seen a counselor at certain times in my life…a divorce, the death of a loved one…and yet Sheri has really been able to put it all together for me.  I don’t have all of the answers yet but I know they’ll come.  I have always had a strong faith in God and will say that my experiences with Sheri have deepened my relationship with Him.  I mention that because I think sometimes people may not think seeing a psychic and having a belief in God can coincide..they can..it’s up to the person.  It’s hard to put into words what a wonderful person I think Sheri is and how much she has helped and is helping me.  She truly has a very special gift.  I would recommend her very highly.
Kay, Columbus OH

I initially was skeptical about visiting Sheri as I have never visited a clairvoyant or medium.  My opinion of this profession had been shaped by various multimedia sources.  Upon hearing that a friend had a positive experience with Sheri, I decided to make my first appointment.  I went into the session with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised at the experience. The session was nothing like my preconceived ideas.  The accuracy of Sheri’s reading was remarkable. She was able to pinpoint characteristics of my past and present that at times really left me speechless.  She gave me useful advice and clarity on a wide array of topics and I felt quite comfortable throughout the entire session. I would recommend her talents to family and friends.
Brad, OH

Let me begin by saying that I am a well-educated, rational individual who went to see Sheri upon the recommendation of a friend. I was hesitant, as I had never done something similar before; however, I was in such a place of confusion and uncertainty, both in my personal and professional life, that I decided to give it a chance. I feel so fortunate to have come into contact with Sheri. She has such a special gift, and I have truly been both changed and uplifted by our meetings. She is such a warm, inviting, and understanding person, and the ease at which she puts people is really very life-altering in such a positive way. I can say with complete certainty that even the most hesitant individuals will both benefit from and be amazed at the ways in which Sheri brings clarity and comfort to her clients. I have referred several of my family members and friends to her, some of whom have already had readings, and all have had only positive things to say. I truly hold Sheri in the highest regard. 
Natalie, OH

Sheri is the most gifted Psychic Medium I’ve ever met. I’ve hosted two group parties with Sheri giving readings and her readings were detailed, accurate and life changing. In my opinion, Sheri is the caliber of John Edward, Lisa Williams and any other famous Psychic Medium out there. She is a gift to the world. 
Deb A. Columbus OH

I had my first appointment with Sheri this morning and I can’t describe how wonderful she is! Instantly, all my nervousness faded and the information I was given was by far the best grief counseling I could have ever had. My father passed in January and she acted as a vessel for him to give me the peace I needed from him. Thank you so much Sheri! I’ll see you soon.
Amy W

Sheri, I am SO thankful I have you to come to for answers. Your accuracy continues to freak me out a little and I LOVE it. You are by far, hands down, the most accurate medium/psychic (not sure which you prefer) I have experienced. Thank you for doing what you do – you have a great heart and an amazing gift.
Jennifer B., Powell, OH

I encourage anyone who is skeptical of psychics to contact Sheri Claire. From the moment you meet Sheri, you can sense her good nature, uplifting energy and know she is the real deal! I have been to several psychics and she is by far one of the best in Columbus! In addition, she is a wonderful teacher and mentor! I highly recommend attending one of her classes if your looking to expand your psychic abilities.
Allison, Columbus, OH

Sheri shines with authenticity. Just a few minutes into my first reading, I could sense that she is extremely gifted and brings the information through in a natural and clear way. It is clear to me that Sheri‘s natural talent comes from a pure source. I wholeheartedly recommend Sheri Claire.
Gabriel F., Santa Barbara, CA

I’m a psychiatrist who is not “psychic” by any means, but I have been interested in metaphysics since my early teens. I first met Sheri Claire one evening in October 2008 when I found myself sitting directly across from her at a group reading event, and I immediately felt very comfortable in her presence. Sheri quietly informed me that she was seeing a tall and handsome man standing behind me, and as she began to describe him I said “Oh, that’s Kent, my brother-in-law, he recently crossed over…” As Sheri tuned further into Kent’s energy during the reading, she calmly mentioned feeling several rather unpleasant subjective physical sensations including shortness of breath, as well as a dull headache. She then proceeded to pass along some very detailed and astonishing information about Kent, as well as several comforting messages from him. What was so remarkable about this was that Kent, who’d been living in Arizona, had suffered for many years with pulmonary fibrosis, a progressive and incurable lung disease; and that about a month before this reading he had taken his own life by shooting himself in the head with a small caliber pistol, which Sheri had also picked up on. She relayed from Kent that he’d actually purchased the gun with the intention of committing suicide about six months before he finally did so. The day after speaking with her, I passed along this information to my sister-in-law, who began sobbing and said that they’d just found the receipt for the gun in the course of going through Kent’s apartment, and that he had indeed purchased the gun about 6 months before. Thus began my extraordinary introduction to Sheri, which I’m happy to say has blossomed into a wonderful friendship. Simply put, Sheri is the most gifted and talented psychic I’ve ever met. She is exceptionally clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, intuitive, and accurate. Being a highly self-disciplined medium with the rather unique ability to “get out of the way” in order to allow Spirit to speak clearly through her, Sheri is also very compassionate, patient, level-headed, and above all, nonjudgmental. I’ve encountered a number of psychics whose potential helpfulness has been greatly diminished by allowing their own personal flaws to get in the way, things such as ignorance, hubris, arrogance, insensitivity, uncalled for bluntness, ridicule, and so on. The most gifted and effective psychic counselors never frighten nor humiliate their clients, because this is an invitation to learning failure on the part of the client, as well as to soon going out of business on the part of the psychic. Truly gifted and loving psychics have energy fields about them which are naturally attractive and magnetic. As an example, go to a psychic fair or expo where Sheri is conducting readings, and as you walk around, take note of which booths have long lines of people waiting for a reading, and those which appear to be deserted. Sheri‘s booths typically have a long line of people patiently standing in waiting, and for good reason. I am so happy to be one of Sheri‘s many friends and clients, and at the risk of sounding redundant, she has earned my highest respect, admiration, and recommendation.
Kurt Heintzelman, M.D. ________________________________________________________________________

I have gone to Sheri a couple of times. Sheri came highly recommended. I was just thrilled with my readings and definitely plan to continue seeing her. Going to a reading with Sheri is like being with a friend who has known you all your life. She is able to see things about you that you don’t have to explain, but more importantly she sees things about those people in your life that your emotions may prevent you from seeing. Sheri gives you what she sees and the information helps you to make important decisions in your life. She is very professional and a very kind person. I highly recommend Sheri. The information she gives you is invaluable.

I’ve had a number of psychics read me but I’ve never had one that could accurately describe relatives of mine that have passed over. Sheri Claire has done this. My mother passed over a few years ago and Sheri was able to accurately describe her and the message she wanted to convey to me. Very impressive. I would recommend her to anyone.
Dave Scarbrough, Columbus OH

I just wanted to thank you for my reading last week. What was so interesting to me was that I felt a huge energetic presence–as if you channeled my guides over the phone…it took me quite a few days to calm down from it! I had a lot of revelations on a number of levels…

I really wanted to thank you for all your information and hope we can talk more in the not so distant future….
Kristen H., Alameda, CA